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The TL Fusion Gymnastics Team


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Tammy is a five times South African Gymnast who has an absolute dedication and passion for teaching children Gymnastics. She is a mother of three children and has been teaching since 1998.

“I love Gymnastics and working with children. My goal is to instill love for the sport as well as physical activity in the children. I absolutely love my job, the children I teach as well as the amazing team I work with.”


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Marlene is a full-time Logistics student at UJ and has been teaching for TL Fusion Gymnastics part time since 2017.

“I did Gymnastics as a child and I believe that the sport plays an important role in the development of children, such as coordination, balance and strengthening their bodies.”


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Rune has completed the General Sports Leaders course through the SAGF. She has been teaching gymnastics since 2016.

“I love teaching fun and exciting Gymnastics elements to the children. I especially like teaching Floor routines. I was a gymnast when I was younger and absolutely loved it.”


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Jane has completed the General Sports Leaders course through the SAGF and has a Diploma in Information Technology. She has been teaching Gymnastics since 2012.

“As a child, I was a gymnast and a dancer. I take joy in working with children as well as being interactive with them, which forms a strong bond between Gymnast and coach.”


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“I have been a gymnast most of my childhood!

I believe that my background in gymnastics as well as dance has helped me create a fun and nurturing environment that helps children twist and turn their bodies as safely as possible.”


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Gordon is an assistant coach at TL Fusion gymnastics. He started coaching in 2020 and is currently a student at UJ studying business management. Being a gymnast himself, Gordon enjoys doing tricks and tumbling.

He enjoys exercising in his free time and enjoys coaching new skills!


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“I really enjoy coaching gymnastics. I have had a love of sports my whole life and found gymnastics to be a great way to stay physically and mentally active while developing useful skills and abilities. I have worked with children for many years always having a good rapport with them.

I believe that it is important to be physically and socially engaged especially from a young age with gymnastics being a great way to achieve this.”


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“I’ve loved working with kids since I was 14 and I hate sitting still. I’m aiming to become an actress after university, but my backup plan is child psychology.

I’m so happy I get to work with these amazing kids every week and help them along the way.”


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She completed her BSC sport science degree at UJ in 2014 and completed her Biokinetics degree (Honours) with distinction at Wits in 2015. She has her own practice based in Fourways and specialises in orthopaedic and chronic conditions.

“I have trained as a competitive gymnast since I was 4 and love it, although it was hard work it gave me a passion for gymnastics. Gymnastics teaches us how to use our bodies in many different ways and to not be afraid of anything. With my gymnastics background as well as my passion for biokinetics, coaching at TL Fusion Gymnastics is an absolute pleasure. I love that I can combine my knowledge and teach children what gymnastics is and to show them that it is not only hard work but loads of fun!”


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“Hi, I am Danni! I enjoy spending time helping kids learn gymnastics! I started coaching in 2023. My passion is dancing, and I would love to open my own architectural firm someday. I love singing and I am a positive person with big hopes and dreams for my future.
TL Fusion gymnastics allows me to be the most authentic version of who I can be.”


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“I am completing my final examinations in Computer Aided Draughting and Design at CTU, my studies started with Architectural Engineering. I really love the construction industry but not as much as I love my sport. I have always been the sporty one of the family and gymnastics is the one closest to my heart.

I started gymnastics by the time I was able to walk and have continued throughout my life. I love working with children and helping them achieve new skills and build strength through fun and creative movements.”


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“I am very passionate about teaching gymnastics! I have been coaching since 2022. I love working with children and I would like to one day be working in the medical field.

I enjoy singing and I love doing gymnastics myself.”


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“I absolutely love teaching gymnastics. I have been coaching gymnastics since 2020. I really enjoy working with children and hope to make a career out of teaching. I love doing sports in my spare time especially cheerleading.”

What our clients say


“My 2-year-old absolutely adores her classes. She loves teacher Tammy and all the fun activities they do. Each class is different, and Tammy has an amazing knack of keeping their interest and attention, no easy task with a bunch of toddlers. It’s very special to be able to do a parent-child class. I highly recommend them.”

– Bridget Reynolds Knoop


“Excellent gymnastics classes that is run by a super passionate teacher that absolutely loves the kids. Has a relaxed feel that doesn’t over pressure the kids but they are still taught well.”

– Sheldon Lyne


“Tammy is just the best. I looked everywhere to find toddler gymnastics classes and I’m so glad I found Tammy!”

– Rebecca Kemp Pogir


“My daughter has been attending TL Fusion Gymnastics for the last 2 years and thoroughly enjoys it. Tammy and her coaching staff are fantastic with the children and my daughter felt comfortable with them from day 1. Tammy has a fantastic set up with a variety of apparatus, so the children never have long waits between activities and are always kept engaged and busy. I highly recommend TL Fusion to any parent.”

– Alison Gindre


“Absolutely amazing! The patience all the teachers show and encouraging the kids is great!”

– Elizma Swart

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